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Content Marketing Internship at one of the best startups in the UK

content marketing internship

Silverbird is hiring a Content Marketing Intern.

You’ll be working in a diverse range of roles — bridging the gap between the content and marketing teams. Writing blog articles. Adverts. Video scripts. White papers. Social media posts. Optimising content for SEO.

Better still, you’ll be working alongside some of the biggest players in fintech marketing, at one of the best startups to work for in the UK according to HeyTempo.

What is Silverbird?

We’re with the underdogs — the small businesses and merchants that form the backbone of the global economy.

Silverbird is a young, disruptive and ambitious company that aims to make the global economy a fairer, freer place to conduct business.

Put it this way. The financial system is elitist, outdated and inefficient — we’re the ones rewiring it, bringing banking into the 21st century.

We’re looking for people with the following:
  1. BA degree (English preferred)
  2. Clean and beautiful written English
  3. Ability to understand complex ideas quickly
  4. Tendency to get lost in rabbit holes of research
  5. Obsessive interest in economics and technology

Most of all, we want people who are ambitious and creative and too clever for their own good.

Get in touch with us here. Send us your CV with a cover letter explaining why you’re suitable for this role.

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